40 minutes agoChantilly, VA+8 milesItems Wanted
Looking for smart phones that take sims cards. If anyone has any smart phones that is no longer being used, or very old and is still in working condition that take sim card, I would appreciate having them. Thank for your assistance in this request.
16-Jan-2019Fairfax, VA+8 milesItems Wanted
My friend is looking for a bike to get around campus. He is willing to do some minor repairs.
I am looking for a dog collar/cone for my medium sized dog to keep him from licking at his wound. I would be happy to return - just need temporarily. Thank you so much in advance!
16-Jan-2019Burke, VA+12 milesItems Wanted
I wanted to start a new workout that required kettle bell weights, preferably 10-20 lbs weights. I can pick up at your earliest convenience. Thanks.
Hi, I am seeking baby boy clothes that are size 12-18 month. Mainly winter clothes or summer if you have them as well. Shoes for a 1 year old would be great as well. Thank you in advance.
Hi, I am seeking a winter coat for a boy that is a size 5 or 6. Thank you in advance.
Need to move with a few days notice - please let us know if you have any boxes and packing supplies!
Hello I'm in need of a bunk bed (preferably with truddle). Please let me know if you have something free I can take off your hands.
15-Jan-2019Arlington, VA+17 milesItems Wanted
Would appreciate any snow pants in these sizes; boy is 7 and girl is 10. (Kids currently squeezing into size 5 pants). Normally would make a Target run but currently furloughed so grateful if someone has any to pass on. Thanks!
15-Jan-2019Arlington, VA+17 milesItems Wanted
Legos of any shape or size needed for elementary school students!
15-Jan-2019Chevy Chase, MD+18 milesItems Wanted
Hi there! I am hoping someone has outgrown their HDTV. I want to hook up instructional videos from my video camera to view on the screen. Currently, without a usb TV. Thanks for reading!
15-Jan-2019Fairfax, VA+8 milesItems Wanted
If anyone has a kitchen trash can they can give me, I'd appreciate it!
15-Jan-2019Fairfax, VA+8 milesItems Wanted
Teacher looking for games for a WW1 lesson plan. If you have any Risk or Stratego games would love to put them to good use. Thanks in advance. Stay safe and warm.
15-Jan-2019Rockville, MD+15 milesItems Wanted
Hello! I want to give me kids a phone for when they are at my ex's. Does anybody have an old iPhone laying around? I would love to take it off your hands. Thanks, Melanie
15-Jan-2019Rockville, MD+15 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for two 120mm CPU cooling fans that would be found in a PC. If you have a dead PC, I'd be happy to take it from you, pull the fan, and recycle the rest. Or you may have some other non-working piece of electronics with a fan. Thanks in advance!
15-Jan-2019Chantilly, VA+8 milesItems Wanted
Need a lot of jewelry - especially large earrings and pins, but can use others also, for a art project. Can use seasonal ones too. Thank you!