US citizens for government job(Reston, VA)

Veritiss LLC is looking for people of interest who can Speak Pashto, US citizen or Green-Card Holder to help us join in the (Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan) to sustain peace and harmony in that part of the world. And, also in the process utilize their linguistics skills to get in a field that would significantly help them financially. If that's something you are interested in-- I can assure you-- I will be with you systematically to get you started and begin your job ASAP with our company. In addition, being able to speak Pashto and Dari language fluently, if you think you need to brush-up or practice before beginning your job, I can offer you service. Please do not hesitate to reach me out by the phone at 571-278-3972/703-517-8763 or email, so that we can discuss the compensation, benefits aspect of the job. Sincerely,